Computer Virus

* $30/hour

We can help with the removal of all sorts of unwanted software. Many times a computer is slowed down by malicious software, trying to sell you their product. We can remove this for you with few changes noticed by you.

However, sometimes a virus is installed that will try to collect private information or even use your computer for other unlawful acts against other people and businesses. We can also remove these for you, and get your computer running like new.

Broken Hardware

* $30/hour + parts

Sometimes your life gets in the way of your devices, leading to broken hardware. This could be due to your cat running across your laptop, or the tablet slipping out of your bag when getting out of your car. No matter the reason, we can get your computer back up and running. We can determine what needs replaced and do the replacement for you.

Parts are purchased at the time of service so that you can get the best part for you at an affordable price. No markup is applied, saving you money.


Maybe you need a website, or maybe you need more from your current website. We can help with all of that. Our hosting and programming capabilities make us a one stop shop for all things website-related. Custom programming is $45/hour. * 785-726-2433